My Science

I am a full time scientist, and curiosity is my main driver. I am passionate about Open Science and I am always keen on establishing new collaborations.

Academic Resume | I have a PhD in Medical Sciences from the Radboud Universiteit (Nijmengen, The Netherlands); a Masters degree in Oncology by ICBAS - Universidade do Porto (Portugal); and a Bachelor degree in Applied Biology by Universidade do Minho Braga (Portugal). I have published over 27 articles in international journals, developed several RData packages as well as other software tools for the biomedical research community.

Work | I use Computational Biology/Bioinformatics as a way of answering biologically relevant questions. I have used OMICs datasets to study the genetic regulation of cancer, early vertebrate embryo development, stem cell differentiation, and mitochondrial evolution.

Interests | My research interests are focused on understanding how gene expression profiles translate into robust genetic modules that explain the phenotypic plasticity observed in healthy and diseased cells, particularly in cancer. Such knowledge holds the promise to better explain the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer biology.

CACAU Project | Cancer causality for precision oncology

DEvoCancer Project | Differential Allelic Expression in Breast Cancer mutations

ClockOME Project | microRNA regulation of the vertebrate embryo molecular clock

SPLICE Project | Alternative splicing in cardiomyogenesis

My PhD Project | The alternative evolutionary fates of mitochondrial proteins

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